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MudGear Shower Toga

MudGear Shower Toga

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  • SIMPLE TO USE - Just slip it on and undress discretely in seconds
  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL - drawstrings zip to fit kids and adults up to 3XL
  • HELPS KEEP YOU AND YOUR CAR CLEAN - Pack your dirties into the toga for the ride home
  • CONVENIENT - Get clean fast inside the toga, even with just a water bottle
  • EASY CLEAN UP - Simple to throw in the wash with your muddy clothes

The MudGear Shower Toga is the best way to get clean discreetly and easily after your mud run, or other outdoor adventure. 

Made from a lightweight coated nylon, the shower toga packs easily in your gear bag.  It is super simple to use for kids and adults of all sizes.  Just pull it on, sinch the drawstrings to your body, and you're ready to strip off your dirty clothes in privacy.  From there, you can shower off, or even use a water bottle to get clean inside the toga. 

Once you're done, you can put on new clothes inside the toga, and remove it to create a nice carrying bag for your dirty gear.  Check out the video to see how it's done!  


See the "how to use" video here.


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